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reclamation Publications

Espresso The Collector
Burst Vera Parsley (note, designed for mobile devices rather than web browsers)
Big Pulp Skin like shining armour
Shantytown Anomaly White shadow (poem)
The Writer's Eye Do we need an impressionist movement in writing (non-fiction)
Eloquest Atheist We have our gods (poem)
Niteblade The End of it all

Sniplits Whisky night
Underground Voices Bittersweetness
BoundOff A Beach in Kauai (note - podcast: link opens your Media Player)
Kinships Garden of earthly delights
Bravado The Exchange
Chaos Theory Hannah is waiting
A Fly in Amber Hollow-bellied Jack
Balderdash The music man
Clockwise Cat Carnival of the animals
Liars' League Cages swinging in the moonlight
Mythic delirium Window shopping in the third millennium (poem)
GlassFire Invincible
Transmission In the outfield
Midnight Horror Reflux
Ballista Well-rotted horse
Earlyworks Press A Very particular bird
Behind The Wainscot Grand old duke of Perth
The Fib Review Life, death, limbo (poems)
Defenestration The Mirrored ceiling
Written Word Waiting for the world to waltz
Parameter Empty
Slingink Anthology Guilt

The Harrow Beyond the terminus
Rose and Thorn Ox-bow lake
Identity Theory Perfect
Word Riot The Thought game
Johnny America Tom Conoboy knows the answers (occasional series)
Underground voices What you see in the dark
American Drivel Review A Monstrous moo
Menda City Review Sixty years
Eclectica A Very modern affair
Eclectica Looney tunes
Transmission Scottish football and philosophy of fate
Cezanne's carrot Wonder about yourself
Canopic Jar Tao of mad phat
Heavy glow Don Giovanni has left the stage
Staples A Coracle
Fringe This is Dave Radio
Peccary Magazine The Jaws of time
Hiss Quarterly If I were
Clever Like a rolling stone
Litbits Before the sun, son
Enfuse White horses
Rutland Radio Norman Conquest
Rutland Radio Looking
Lyrica This Day
Chick flicks ezine A half smile
Random acts of writing Road to understanding
Dispatch Rocking horse
Delivered Questions after the World Cup
Alighted Giant
Wingspan Quarterly Sunsets
Cautionary Tale (print best of) Martha
Seventh Quark The kangaroo bounced
Laughter loaf Matching the bunting
Giggle water review Ruth has her days
Blue Print Review Lucky moon
Flash fiction The new strain
Dogmatika Life without soul
Altar Geneva Convention
Smokebox One kiss
Scorched earth Father figures and lesser men
Heavy Glow Dead baby soup
Wild Violet Clouds of witness
Barfing Frog Nanook of the south
Prose Toad Uncle Freda
Saucy Vox The Dictionary of poodles
The Big Jewel The Elephant in the corner

Eclectica Yellow
Defenestration Four horsemen of the apostrophe
Flash me Turtle-neck
The Big Jewel George Cunningham
Somewhat Sentience in a sentence
Saucy Vox Adam and Eve
Opium Business case for love
Quiction Miss Mackey
Another realm First time
Reflection's Edge Four Rivers
Whispers of Wickedness So far
Cautionary Tale Martha