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Tom Conoboy Who is Tom Conoboy?

Tom Conoboy was born in Scotland but has lived in England for the past twenty years, where he works in local government.

He is currently working on a project entitled Jack Radio, a series of interlinked stories which all feature essentially the same characters, although they appear variously as Friedrich Nietzsche and Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the gods Apollo and Dionysus, Vladimir and Estragon not waiting for anybody, the Scottish philosopher Thomas Reid, French composer Erik Satie and just plain Jack Orion and his beautiful Laura. Similarly, while each narrative is entirely different, indeed spanning continents and centuries, they all tell the same basic story, one of disconnection.

Tom Conoboy expects Jack Radio to be completed early in 2009 and is concurrently planning a full-length novel, One Wise Monkey, a satirical comedy about post 9/11 society. Jack Orion may make a guest appearance in this work, but it will be entirely contemporary and there will therefore be no room for dead philosophers or musicians or feuding Greek gods. But there will be explosions. And deaths. And jokes.

In his spare time, Tom Conoboy is studying for a PhD in contemporary American literature. To that end, he has developed a love/hate relationship with Flannery O'Connor and Cormac McCarthy.